Olympic Village (Millennium Water)
A world class built green project, the first of it's kind in North America, Millennium Water is Vancouver's largest waterfront development. A showcase of master planning, this massive undertaking comprises a total of 18 separate buildings housing the athletes for the 2010 Olympic Games, transitioning into a combination of high end condominium and non-market housing units afterwards.

In the years leading up to construction Robertson Floors worked closely with the contractor and developer in budgeting the project and specifying finishes, highlighting our ability to work proficiently with all of the different participants of a project from the general contractor and extensive security surrounding the development, to the architects and designers, to the carpet mills directly and our own installers which numbered up to 30 at any given time.

Even before installation just delivering materials to site was a mammoth logistical undertaking on it's own, the project required not only a strong on site presence with qualified installer's and full time supervision, but a solid support staff from our office all the way from co-ordination, to timely action on change directives, to comprehensive bid and performance bonds to account for the large dollar value of the project.

The Olympic Village was a massive development many did not think was possible to complete on time before the Olympics, Robertson Floors proudly contributed to meeting this challenging schedule.

At Millennium Water Robertson Floors supplied and installed:

  • 540,000 SF of carpeting
  • 70,000 SF of vinyl plank
  • 70,000 LF of rubber base