The Arbutus Club
As part of one of Canada's premier private clubs' most recent $20 million renovation and addition was a 4,000+ SF sports floor supplied and installed by Robertson Floors. The substrate first required grinding and leveling to achieve necessary tolerances, and after our routine calcium chloride tests came back with unreasonably high moisture readings it was deemed a trowel on moisture barrier system was necessary, a step which if not taken may have proved disastrous.

Once prep work was out of the way we got to work in laying the two layers of subfloor over cushions followed by the solid maple flooring. Months prior to the installation Robertson Floors spent considerable efforts working with the general contractor and client to revise the original finish specification to a spec that would better suit their specific needs. On site the hardwood was sanded and finished with four coats of ceramic finish. Vented base was installed too much of the perimeter.

Also included in the project was over 5,000 SF of extensive slate and porcelain tiling over top of various Schluter products, 3,000 SF of rubber sports flooring, 2,500 SF of various vinyl's, custom area rugs, and re-finishing of existing hardwood flooring. The overall contract was executed over a 2 year period requiring extensive co-ordination amongst all trades and suppliers.