Target Stores
In 2013 Robertson Floors took part in Target's expansion into the Canadian market which was unprecedented in terms of its size and scope. Below are some key points outlining and detailing the scope of this expansion and our works within these stores:
  • Stores: Successfully completed work at six Target locations in BC:
    Delta, Langley, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, and Courtenay.
  • Size: Each store was approx. 100,000-150,000 Square Feet in size.
  • Shot-Blasting: With Robertson Floors' owned and operated shot-blasting equipment each substrate had to be mechanically profiled prior to receiving self-leveler.
  • Crack Chasing & Control Joints: Prepare an extensive amount of cracks and control joints prior to self-levelling.
  • Self-Leveler: With Robertson Floors' owned and operated pump equipment stores needed to be self-leveled to meet Target's specified tolerances.  In total Robertson Floors supplied and placed approx. 15,000 bags of premium self-leveler.
  • Floor Finishes: Provide Labor and Materials for installation of a combination of floor finishes including Vinyl Tile, Carpet, and Ceramic Tile.
  • Schedules: Worked closely with various General Contractors' offices and site staff closely on a daily basis to ensure Target's aggressive scheduling milestones were being met on multiple sites simultaneously.